Monetize New Video Content & Maximize Ad Revenue

Vidverto‘s platform creates new revenue opportunities for publishers through Video recommendations

Integrate Vidverto's Video Unit with low-code technology on every page of your website to boost your revenue with premium video demand and Google-compliant ad formats. Our Video Unit delivers exclusive video content tailored to your audience, and our platform provides detailed analytics to help you optimize your ad revenue

Proprietary Ad Tech

Our SSP platform automatically selects ad opportunities that invariably enhance the overall real-time bidding process with minimum latency.

6 Billions

Hybrid Bidding

Full SSP

In-built Video Player

Dedicated support team

That will help you to succeed with your content customization & monetization strategies.

  • In-house Content Creation Service
  • Direct Programmatic Sales

Performance-oriented tech

The platform also includes optimization features that will improve your overall website performance.

  • Page Speed Analysis Sync
  • Full API Integration