Vidverto unlocks the possibility to monetize publishers’ site content with the in-stream video unit


What we offer


You are a publisher, media owner who has multiple content pages.
Now, you can add one unit into the content to start monetizing your news site or articles with In-Stream Advertisement.




The best for text content

Vidverto video unit is a game-changing revenue solution to start video monetization on every page of a site with one designed native video unit. 


Monetization for publishers


More revenue than if you place out-stream video ads in the text


More revenue than if you have display blocks in the content


How to use


One universal code

Vidverto video unit is just one code that should be placed in the site content. Our video technology offers an adaptive format for all the devices, and platforms to make integration easier.


Native design

We created just one video unit that meets all the site demands and looks both natural in the content and native on the site.


In-Stream Inventory is a #1 desired video traffic

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