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We designed native video unit to increase revenue from your site content


Premium Native


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Vidverto Video Unit

It all in one automated solution.

  • Premium Monetization
  • Video Content
  • Video Unit

Put the code in the site content and start generating more revenue with a new video inventory

One Minute Integration

Just place our code in your site content – we’ll take care of the rest

  • Fast Unit. Google Page speed 100
  • API Reporting
  • 48 hours start service

Publisher Fill Rate up to


10 000

native video reccomendations

Paid over


to media owners


ads.txt verified partner

Publisher Result in Revenue

Vidverto video unit creates new pre-roll inventory on the publisher site. This is one of the most effective inventory for demand partners with average fill rate up to 90%.

Generate new video revenue for your site.

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