Boost Revenue and Engagement with Vidverto’s Interstitial Ads

We are glad to announce the launch of our brand-new display ad format – Interstitial Ads. With its innovative features and proven results, it changes how publishers monetize their websites. 

In this article, we will dive into the key values of this ad format and explain how it can significantly boost your revenue and improve ad performance.

Interstitials Engage Users and Maximize Ad Revenue

Our interstitial ad format is designed to engage users with rich, customizable, and eye-catching ads. 

These ads are naturally placed on your website, ensuring the best user experience. By displaying full-screen ad units, interstitials maximize the ad revenue potential by capturing users’ attention and offering them to close or skip the ads. This approach hits a balance between user experience and effective monetization.

Advantages of Vidverto’s Interstitial Ad Format

  • Elevated viewability: Vidverto’s interstitial ads are designed to be highly visible, ensuring your ads reach maximum views. This leads to higher engagement and better results for publishers and advertisers.
  • Format customization: Vidverto’s interstitials are available for mobile and desktop devices. Publishers can run the most suitable format for their audience. Additionally, this ad format provides an elegant design that easily integrates with your website, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Increased monetization and CPMs: Publishers who use our interstitial ad format can boost their revenue significantly. On average, these ads generate 30-40% more overall revenue than traditional ad sizes. 
  • Access to Vidverto Premium Ad Marketplace: By leveraging our interstitial ad format, publishers can access the Vidverto Premium ad marketplace. This marketplace provides high-quality, premium demand from top advertisers, ensuring that your website showcases engaging and relevant content to the audience.
  • Real-time reporting: We offer real-time revenue reporting, providing publishers valuable insights into their ad performance. With accurate and up-to-date data, you can optimize the ad strategy for maximum effectiveness.
  • High CTR: One of the standout advantages of the Interstitial ad format is its ability to generate a high click-through rate (CTR). By covering the entire screen and capturing users’ attention, interstitials attract users to interact with them. It results in a higher CTR than traditional ad sizes. This way, increased engagement translates directly into higher revenue.
  • Frequency capping: With interstitials, publishers can limit how frequently ads are displayed to users, preventing them from being bombarded with too many ads. By controlling it, they can find the perfect balance between monetization and maintaining the best user experience.

Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance ad performance and receive more revenue! 

Take advantage of the two interstitial demos that we provide to get a firsthand experience of their captivating nature and outstanding results. 

Mobile demo: (available from Mobile Device)

Desktop demo:

Explore the demos and get in touch with Vidverto to start optimizing your ad strategy today and implement the revenue-boosting potential of the interstitial ad format today. If you have any questions or require further information, we are here to assist you! Feel free to contact us at