Case study: How Vidverto increased viewability of the Croatian football website through distributive content

Delve into the success story of, a prominent Croatian publisher The publisher aimed to boost website views, potentially leading to an increased intended audience and monetization of the website. By creating engaging content focused on famous Croatian football players such as Marcelo Brozovic, Mateo Kovacic, and Luca Modric, we set out to achieve these objectives.

Engaging Content Showcasing Football Players’ Skills  

Vidverto partnered with, a leading Croatian football website. By leveraging exciting visuals and compelling storytelling techniques, our video content aimed to establish a strong connection with the fan base. We highlighted the exceptional skills and accomplishments of three top Croatian football players, thereby delivering exclusive content based on their interests.

Simple Integration with Advanced Distribution Capabilities

The video was seamlessly integrated into our platform using Vidverto’s advanced video distribution capabilities. This allowed the publisher to reach and engage audiences across multiple website pages, increasing its exposure and monetization potential. 

Here are our key benefits:

  • Diverse choice video ad formats. Supporting various video ad formats, including in-stream, out-stream (e.g., interstitials), and in-banner. This variety enables optimizing ad placements and reaching the target audience effectively.
  • Targeting and audience segmentation: With our advanced targeting capabilities, your ads are shown to relevant viewers. We offer a range of powerful options, including geographic, categorical, and contextual targeting. By precisely delivering ads to the target audience, we ensure increased campaign engagement and revenue.
  • Video ad optimization:Combining the power of manual and AI-based techniques to optimize the delivery of video ads. By meticulously analyzing audience response, engagement metrics, and historical performance data, we gain data to set precise targeting parameters, optimize CPM, and strategically determine optimal ad placements. Through this comprehensive optimization process, we maximize the ad campaign’s effectiveness, ultimately driving higher ROI and monetization.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics: Gain access to detailed reports that empower publishers to monitor and analyze the ad inventory performance metrics such as impressions, fill rates, viewability, click-through rates, and more. These and other key metrics enable publishers to make data-driven decisions and optimize monetization strategies.

Results: Growing Views, Engagement, and Revenue

The video featuring the famous Croatian football players achieved remarkable success, reaching 1 million views in March alone. With nearly 400,000 engaged viewers and a 22% increase in views throughout the entire period, the video demonstrated the power of content with influential personalities. Combined with our advanced distribution capabilities results in high visibility, audience engagement, and revenue!

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