Innovation and Impact from the MIXX Awards Europe 2024

We proudly announce that Oleksandra Bulygina, CPO at Vidverto, has joined the IAB MIXX Awards as a judge this year. This competition is a key platform for bringing together global, European, and local campaigns. Known to recognize ingenuity in digital marketing, it celebrates campaigns that redefine creativity and effectiveness. 

In 2024, the MIXX Awards became even more significant as Ukraine joined it for the first time. We have asked Oleksandra to share her insights about the technologies and tools that competitors have used.

I was impressed by new ways to increase engagement through its gamification and the data approach applied, especially in over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, healthcare, banking, and telecommunication.

The #TheDonationMap campaign by Havas Play and UNITED24 is a shining example of how digital marketing can transcend traditional boundaries and make a tangible difference in society. Through this engagement, over $650 million was raised for building an ambulatory clinic in Ukraine. The Non Stop STALKER campaign showcases a creative blend of product and game, gaining visibility on the largest LED screen in Europe, located on the Gulliver Shopping Mall facade in Kyiv.

Sandoz has shown strategic innovation in the complex over-the-counter (OTC) medicines sector, developing a unified ecosystem that integrates data from online pharmacies to optimize marketing signals. This approach created a transparent performance marketing system that resulted in a 2.5 times increase in online sales compared to 2021. Furthermore, return on ad spend (ROAS) increased from 360% to 992%, making the campaign effectiveness almost triple.

Helsi represented an innovative approach to healthcare marketing that uses anonymized data for targeted advertising. The system matches anonymized data from the Helsi information system with online identifiers, ensuring user privacy. In six months, the system has delivered over 35 successful campaigns for healthcare-related organizations, reaching 1.2 million segmented users. The cost per reach (CPR) of targeting audiences in narrow segments was significantly lower than traditional methods. 

Showcasing the potential of AI in digital marketing, PrivatBank optimized its website with an SEO AI approach based on consumer search behaviors. This included generating over 5,000 relevant search phrases and creating engaging content that resulted in an 189% increase in website traffic, a 196% rise in completed applications, and a 28% improvement in ARPU. These results exceeded the initial goals and were achieved four times faster than with traditional SEO methods. 

BigData for Digital Media is a MarTech product designed for the Ukrainian market to navigate the post-cookie era in advertising. It offers high-quality technical data from major telecom and retail vendors, addressing GDPR restrictions and enhancing advertising efficiency.

Kyivstar, recognized by the European IAB MIXX Awards for resilience and adaptability, has launched a campaign to raise donations for the Ukrainian army. Using Big Data to create 60 econometric models results in a 20% increase in contribution, a 4% increase in brand association and market leadership, and a 2.5 times increase in activations of the ‘Help the Armed Forces of Ukraine’ feature.

These examples highlight the power of digital marketing to drive business results, impact society, and transform industries. Ahead of the virtual congratulations ceremony for the IAB MIXX Awards Europe winners on 18 July, our team at Vidverto is looking forward to more ground-breaking campaigns that push the boundaries of creativity and effectiveness in digital marketing.

By sharing these innovative cases, we aim to provide valuable insights into global practices, inspiring fresh ideas and strategies for your business. Learning from these examples can help you adopt unique approaches and drive meaningful operations improvements, fostering creativity and growth.