Navigating the Indian Digital Landscape: Vidverto’s Thriving Partnerships and Insights

In the ever-competitive world of digital advertising, Vidverto is breaking new ground in India. Our strategic partnership with a native lead generator and the accomplished Chief Business Development Officer, Aman Sharma, have sparked dynamic negotiations with influential Indian websites and networks. These partnerships aren’t just game-changers; they’re the driving force behind scaling our operations in India and turbocharging publisher revenue.

Leading this charge is Anna Zubik, a seasoned media buyer from Vidverto’s Kyiv office. With her extensive background in orchestrating successful ad campaigns in the region, Anna stands as the visionary behind our flourishing partnerships in India. The collective expertise of Anna and Aman proves to be invaluable as we adeptly navigate the intricate complexities of this diverse market.

“In this region, there is intense competition from local and international players. Each strives to offer extraordinary solutions, even at their disadvantage. Most competitors focus on quantitative metrics instead of quality. In contrast, the Vidverto team possesses expert knowledge. It suggests using proven practices that yield results while avoiding negative consequences.” —  Anna Zubik, the Regional Manager for India.

Decoding the Indian Publisher Landscape

During our operations in this area, we have observed specific considerations related to negotiations with local publishers and website content:

  1. Cultural Specifics and Requirements: The unique mindset and expectations of the Indian audience demand a tailored approach when dealing with each publisher. They are accustomed to investing significant effort to achieve success, often seeking quick results. Media buyers should realize that effective monetization requires time and patience.
  1. Multilanguage: With 22 languages spoken across India, catering to regional linguistic diversity can pose challenges, even within the natives. Therefore, it is common for websites to have at least seven translations, ensuring additional traffic and expanding monetization opportunities. The official languages are Hindi and English, enabling effective communication with publishers.
  1. Content Quality: Despite content diversity, a significant number of websites contain material that does not meet Vidverto’s standards and Google policies. Undesirable content and materials that promote hatred are examples of such content. By filtering out undesirable content, we create a positive user experience free from hate speech or offensive material. This reinforces trust and strengthens relationships with the partners’ audiences.
  1. Traffic Sources: Typically, large networks generate a substantial portion of organic traffic. At the same time, mid-sized and smaller sites rely on purchased traffic. Although organic traffic may represent a small portion of overall traffic, this is only sometimes the case. Our team has successfully monetized websites with organic mobile traffic. Yet, we face challenges when placing ad units on AMP pages. To maintain campaign effectiveness, it is recommended to focus on attracting more desktop traffic.

Seizing the Indian Opportunity

India, with its burgeoning websites and traffic, is a land of abundant opportunities. Our active engagement with previously untapped networks and sites allows us to establish a robust presence. With a successful track record in running ad campaigns, we’re poised to solidify our position and harness the immense potential that India offers.

At Vidverto, we’re not just observers; we’re active participants in the Indian digital revolution, shaping the future of digital advertising in this dynamic market.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the Vidverto team as we continue to make waves in India!