Vidverto Video Unit – Success Story

According to the latest survey, 86% of businesses around the world use video as a prime marketing tool. Apart from this, about 92% of marketers value video as a crucial part of their marketing strategy. Needless to say, video marketing is booming at an alarming rate.

This is where Vidverto Video Unit has actively played its role. It has used its AI-based algorithm to deliver video content to the UA publishers based on user location and interest, thus helped them increase the number of actual views and engagement.

Eager to know what Vidverto is all about and how it remains successful in increasing both views and engagement?

Let’s find out!

Vidverto Video Unit – Smart Content Recommendation Unit

Vidverto is a state-of-the-art video content and monetization platform that offers enterprise-level programmatic advertising solutions to organizations around the world. Although it is not an advertising platform, it contains content and Ads that can rapidly engage the user’s (publisher) audience with engaging media content.

The Vidverto Video Unit is an advanced video recommendation unit that can be implemented effectively between article content as a media recommendation. It is a rapid and most efficient monetization solution available in the market as it carries a 99% Google PageSpeed score. What makes the Vidverto Video Unit unique is its ability to offer three solutions with a single code.

  1. Video Player
  2. Media Content from an exclusive Video Marketplace
  3. Programmatic Video Demand included

Prominent Features

  • All-in-one video unit: Profitable video demand + Player +  Media content in a single code. This helps the Vidverto technology to work at its peak performance. 
  • Built-in ad-optimization: A highly customized player with inbuilt ad-optimization bidding logic makes it capable enough of generating more revenue opportunities.
  • Highly Tailored: Vidverto Video Unit can natively match any website’s look & feel and lets the publishers add their video content as a media recommendation. Publishers can also connect their Youtube channels. 
  • Direct Demand Connection: It can be connected rapidly and directly to its own Supply-Side Platform (SSP) and to the Direct Programmatic Demand Campaigns.

Success Story – Opportunities Don’t Happen, We Create Them

According to Pele, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” 

This is what Vidverto has done. As a result, ShoTam Video (One of the most popular content production company in Ukraine with a target for native regional stores) and Vidverto have utilized Vidverto’s AI-based algorithm to deliver their video content to the UA publishers. This was strictly about targeting the audience based on location and interest.

The result was breathtaking as every county/region was represented in the Vidverto Video Unit with the relevant local, regional native story. This increased the user engagement with the video content of the publisher, growing the true views by more than 30%. Moreover, about 37% of the videos were fully watched by the users.

Your Opportunity is Right Here

One can’t deny the fact that video advertising is reaching new heights. Whether it’s a small-scale industry, medium-scale industry, or large firms, all are utilizing video advertising to its full potential to draw desired results. But still, there are some organizations that are struggling with views and engagements. For such organizations, a battle-tested Vidverto Video Unit is the perfect opportunity that can help them make their presence in a cut-throating competitive market.