What Is Vidverto SSP? A Guide for Publisher

The digital advertising industry constantly grows, and businesses must stay current to remain competitive. Failure to do so can result in losing opportunities. With Vidverto supply-side platform (SSP), publishers can stay ahead of the game and optimize their advertising efforts. Here’s how Vidverto can help you achieve your advertising goals!

Key benefits that Vidverto SSP will bring to your site 

Vidverto’s SSP is designed to provide publishers with powerful tools to optimize their advertising efforts. The platform’s content library offers diverse video content organized by language, category, and keyword, making it easy for publishers to find the most relevant videos for their campaigns.

Here are the key benefits of the Vidverto SSP:

  • Access to a diverse range of video content: With over 30 languages and 12 categories, publishers can easily find the most relevant video to reach additional views, increasing brand awareness and campaign monetization.
  • Increased demand for ad space: The diverse range of video options can attract advertisers, increasing demand for ad space on publishers’ websites, which can increase their revenue.
  • Regular updates and maintenance of content library: Vidverto regularly updates and maintains the content library to ensure its relevance and appeal. The platform uses data to guide content choice and placement, delivering personalized and relevant content to maximize publishers’ revenue.

Key Features of Vidverto’s SSP Interface

As the digital advertising industry continues to evolve, it’s crucial for publishers to have access to advanced tools that simplify campaign management. Fortunately, Vidverto’s SSP offers a user-friendly interface with several features to help publishers stay ahead!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features of the platform’s interface:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly: The interface is designed with publishers in mind, providing a streamlined experience that’s easy to navigate. Also, publishers are notified of necessary actions, such as adding their website or filling in payment information.
  • At-hand reporting: The platform provides reporting, which allows publishers to track their advertising campaign performance. They can view statistics on revenue, impressions, and eCPM on the dashboard, and more, with additional reporting available in a separate tab.
  • PMP statistics:  PMP stats help publishers differentiate revenue between direct demand and open market. This identifies high-performing ad placements, allowing pricing and access adjustments to maximize revenue. With PMP statistics, publishers can make data-driven decisions to stay ahead and increase revenue in the long term.
  • Ads.txt validation: Publishers can validate their ads.txt files directly from the platform on their sites. This feature saves time and ensures that publishers’ ads.txt files are up-to-date, increasing their chances of attracting premium advertisers.
  • Website speed check: Publishers can check their website speed from mobile and desktop views, enabling them to optimize their websites for better user experience and engagement rates.
  • Country-wise impressions: The platform provides publishers with an estimated percentage distribution of impressions by country, empowering them to make informed targeting decisions and expand their audience base.

Staying current in the ever-evolving digital advertising industry is crucial for businesses to remain competitive and capitalize on valuable opportunities. 

Vidverto’s SSP offers powerful tools and features to help publishers optimize their advertising efforts and stay ahead! The platform’s diverse content library and modern user interface provide several benefits that can help publishers maintain a competitive edge in their advertising campaigns. 

Using Vidverto’s content library and user-friendly interface, publishers can increase monetization, reach more viewers, and make informed targeting decisions to expand their audience base. Vidverto’s SSP is a popular choice among publishers worldwide looking to enhance their advertising campaigns and achieve their advertising goals. Join us to do it!