The Power of Video Content: How Vidverto’s Content Library Can Help You Reach and Engage Your Audience

Vidverto is an advanced SSP platform that equips publishers with the necessary tools to create and optimize their content libraries. In case publishers do not have their videos, they can leverage content from our extensive libraries provided by content owners. By using high-quality videos from these libraries, publishers can access engaging and relevant content, improving brand awareness and increasing campaign monetization.

Leveraging a well-stocked content library can help advertisers reduce the time and costs of creating custom campaign content. This, in turn, enables them to focus on other aspects of their advertising strategy and more effectively reach their target audience.

What is Vidverto’s Content Library

Vidverto boasts an extensive content library featuring videos from 15 content owners. Publishers can also upload their videos from storage or YouTube channels if they meet certain requirements – codecs, weight, quality, duration, and quantity of video in rotation.

Vidverto’s library includes a diverse range of video content that cater to different interests and preferences. Whether you need informative and educational videos, entertainment, and lifestyle videos, or anything in between, you’ll find them in Vidverto’s content library. These videos can be served in in-stream ad formats, giving publishers flexibility and options to maximize revenue. 

For our loyal publishers, we produce content due to their requirements and needs. By doing so, we help our publishers to maximize revenue.

Video content is an incredibly effective way to communicate with a target audience and engage them with brand awareness campaigns. With the increasing popularity of video content consumption, more and more publishers are turning to video advertising to reach additional views and maximize revenue. Vidverto’s content library provides publishers with a rich choice of videos that make creating engaging and effective advertising campaigns easier.

How to maximize advertising effectiveness with organized and categorized content

One of the key features of Vidverto’s content library is organizing content based on language, category, and keyword. This feature allows publishers to easily find the content they need and increase their advertising campaigns’ monetization. 

With over 30 languages and 12 categories, such as news, sports, entertainment, travel, tech, gaming, business, food, and home, publishers can choose the most relevant video to reach additional views.

One of the most popular categories among publishers is travel. Travel videos appeal to a wide range of viewers looking for inspiration, education, entertainment, and tips on planning their next trip. Vidverto’s content library offers various types of travel videos, such as destination videos that showcase the beauty and culture of different places, travel guides that provide practical advice and recommendations, and reviews that compare different hotels, flights, and attractions.

Another category that publishers often choose is “Other”. This category includes videos that feature nature, sightseeing, and similar videos. By granting publishers access to this content, Vidverto empowers them to design ad campaigns to maximize revenue.

Keeping Vidverto`s Content Library Fresh and Engaging

Updating and maintaining the content library is vital to ensure its relevance and appeal. Vidverto diligently monitors the library and replaces outdated content with new videos that feature trending topics, celebrities, cuisines, sports teams, etc.

For example, in 2022, we introduced several new videos featuring Leonardo Di Caprio, TOP 3 Michelin Restaurants, FUGU fish, and Robert De Niro in Italian, German, Polish, French, Bulgarian, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Turkish, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, and Vietnamese languages.We translate videos into any language suitable for a publisher’s website and understandable for the target audience. Our content library videos can be translated to help publishers expand their reach and engage additional views.

And in March 2023, we further enriched our content library by adding new videos featuring Lionel Messi, Saudi Arabia national football team, and Egypt national football team. Now, these videos are available in English. We keep expanding our content library with fresh and engaging videos in different languages.

In addition, we leverage data to guide our content choice and placement, enabling us to deliver personalized and relevant content to maximize revenue.

Why choose Vidverto’s content library

Vidverto’s content library is an invaluable resource for publishers looking to create effective and engaging advertising campaigns. We provide publishers with a diverse choice of high-quality videos organized by language, category, and keyword and offer a range of creative approaches for sourcing and creating new content. By investing in organizing, maintaining, and optimizing our content libraries, publishers can increase monetization and reach additional views.

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